Divine Partnership

February 2022

Teaming up with God is a partnership that can’t fail, suffer loss nor crumble. Just let Him lead and you follow.

Ecclesiastes 4:8-12

Pray with the above Scripture and key into the unction and Revelation that comes with it.
1. Father let me never be alone in life, always hold my hand in Jesus name. Vs 8
2. Let my journey with you this Month bring good reward to the Church, me and all mine in Jesus name. Vs 9
3. Father I enter into a covenant of divine help with you this Month in Jesus name. Vs 10
4. Father, be my coverings this Month in Jesus name. Vs 11
5. Make me unbreakable, Make my relationship and partnership with you on all sides an unbreakable cord in Jesus name. Vs 12.
Welcome to February, (We’re meeting by 5pm this evening in the Church for Prayers)
With Love from your Pastor
Ajinuhi Samuel Esq

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